iSheets for Google App Reviews

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It’s good

This app — is like a browser window specially for Google Spreadsheets. This meens it doesn’t do anything, that wouldn’t do Google Spreadsheets in browser. On the other hand it works exactly as I expect with all latest features of Google Spreadsheets. My usecase: I use this app to work with my sheets and close browser, so that nothing distracts me. P.S. I think it should cost 0,99$, because it’s just a browser app.


You can get this for free without paying for it save your money

isheets for google

the worst spreadsheet application i have ever used. I cannot seem to print in lanscape within the application using a MAC. Work-around by reducing the spreadsheet to fit my screen, (75%) and doing a print screen, Then print. Help screen is absolutely no help.

Not for me

Not as simple or as user friendly as “Table Edit”, available on Macupdate. Plus, using Google Sheets, you must agree to Google access to a bunch of your info (I can’t remember the disclaimer), so I don’t trust the privacy of my spreadsheet data which is not on my mac as a standalone program, but is in Google’s cloud (or online somewhere). Go with Table Edit instead.

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